Equestrian Arena Groomers / Rakes

The Goliath Equestrian Arena Groomer

The Goliath Equestrian Arena Groomer
The Goliath Equestrian Arena Groomer

Your horses will enjoy working on such a comfortable and consistent surface

We couldn't find an equestrian arena groomer that had the features and capability to do a good job on our arena, so we made one. Introducing the Goliath Arena Groomer: easy to use, adjustable where it matters, no accessories needed, and tough as! Designed, manufactured and tested in New Zealand.

We didn't think we had specialized or unique requirements, we just wanted a quality tool that does this one job, very well, year in year out, without requiring much adjustment or maintenance.

One customer said her horses had "beautiful movement" and she felt like she was "walking on a cloud", after the first use of her new Goliath Equestrian Arena Grader.

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Equestrian Arena Groomers - made in The Moutere, New Zealand, by Goliath Metal Works

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